It's no secret-the Texas heat can be overwhelming for you and your plants. You need to use every single drop of water available. Don't waste your time with a hose. Hire the local experts at SP & LC Landscape Contractors for a sprinkler system installation in the El Paso, TX area.

We design, install and repair sprinkler systems for residential and commercial clients. Call 915-792-6169 today for sprinkler system installation or repair in El Paso, TX.

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Why should you install a professional sprinkler system?

You might be thinking a sprinkler system isn't necessary to water your lawn, but they aren't just for large areas or wealthy homeowners. Your new sprinkler system will offer a number of benefits, such as:

  • Efficiency-sprinkler systems can hit every inch of your yard with the precise amount of water necessary. You'll see dramatically lower monthly water usage.
  • Environmental impact-hoses over-water lawns and cause a ton of water to run-off into local drinking supplies. Sprinklers never use too much and reduce run-off possibilities.
  • Peace of mind-never worry again about how much water your lawn should need. Our professional sprinkler systems have you covered.

A sprinkler system repair or installation from SP & LC Landscape Contractors is your best method to eliminate water waste and enjoy a beautiful lawn. Contact us today to schedule an appointment in El Paso, TX.

Make the most of every drop

Sprinklers are supposed to be extremely efficient and effective with your water. But inexperienced sprinkler system installation and neglected maintenance can result in thousands of gallons of water waste every year. Trust SP & LC Landscape Contractors with your sprinkler system installation and ongoing repairs in El Paso, TX.

We can set up and repair any sprinkler model, but prefer to work with Rain Bird and Hunter systems. With proper installation and frequent sprinkler system repair, our team will ensure every square inch of your property is getting the exact amount of water it needs.

Our ongoing sprinkler system repair will ensure all of the setting are adjusted perfectly to your landscape. So put down the hose and pick up the phone. We offer free consultations and discounts to help you make the right choice for your needs and budget.